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Hello! My name is Justin and I’m a do-all designer from New York City.

Justin Fuller

I love the hard-working satisfaction of personal and professional growth; I insist to never stop expanding my skills and talents. My prevalence and dedication provides a strong sense of trust and security that has quickly become a rare commodity. I am exceptional at anything I apply myself to. When it comes to work, I am relentless; I am not satisfied until the job has exceeded standards and expectations. No matter the task or workload, the moment I’m involved, it’s guaranteed to surpass the finest quality. I could simply continue to tell you how passionate and enthusiastic I truly am, but I would much rather show you.




You call them skills, I call them passions!


Graphic and Design


One of the most useful and powerful programs for vector based work, and an absolute favorite of mine to design with. It can be used to create logos, info-graphics, presentation boards, diagrams, and of course, illustrations!


Arguably, if it wasn’t made in InDesign, it’s probably not a professional grade publication! This software most commonly aids in the creation of books, but it can also be used to make multi-page presentations, or even the basis for an iPhone app!


This mainstreamed necessity is your only option for photo manipulations, corrections, and adjustments. Beyond the basics, you know its what the pros use for those flashy tabloid covers. Replace the swimsuit model for an architectural masterpiece, and I could do the same.

Architectural and 3D Modelling

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD and rendering program for product development. You can use it to create 3D designs and export 2D drawings for actual hard-goods manufactuing.


The industry standard for architects across the globe. With this intensely powerful, accurate, and technical program, you can get precise architectural plans that are an unparalleled accompaniment to professional presentations.


With this practical application, you can get some pretty sweet 3D renderings ready for display in no time! Whether it’s floor plans, a site rendering, or a whole interactive fly-through of a city, digital rendering has endless benefits and communicates your ideas quickly and professionally.

Coding and Web Development


This is the skeleton foundation of web design. The backbone structure of HTML is its own language and the most well known of code types, it dates from way back when!


Once you have HTML down, you can style those foundations you built with some delicious CSS! You can add a pop here, a dash there, maybe even a shadow over yonder. Aside from colors and fonts, CSS manipulates all the aesthetics, it can help rearrange items on the page, and almost most importantly, the spaces between them!


Liquid is an accent on Ruby, most often referred to as “Ruby on Rails”. It’s a server-side code made just for the ecommerce platform, Shopify. With Liquid you can create complex code to iterate series of code or respond to certain perameters to come up with hiighly-customizable solutions to the needs and desires of an ecommerce site.


Zip, swish, zap! Javascript is a pretty smart cookie! Interactivity and responsiveness from a website are all thanks to Javascript. When you combine all these three web ingredients: HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you can get some real eye catching, professional, and forward thinking content out of it!


This Program is a little less known program that can really pack a big punch in, well, anything you want it do it! It’s powered by Javascript, and with your code and creativity, it creates whatever you tell it to, like games, maps, and interactive content. It’s not typically for web use, but you might be able to squeeze an app out of it!


Meep. Bleep. Blop. With Arduino, you can bring technology to life! Through the use of little “micro-controllers” that you can program with more of that juicy Javascript, you can do loads of stuff like make a robot, power lights at a concert, collect all sorts of data, or even invent something new!

Content and File Management


Shopify is one of the largest ecommerce platforms on the market. It’s intuitive content management system provides a host of tools and resources that an entire team can use to power a highly-successful ecommerce store. Whether you have an existing store or want to setup a new one, a Shopify expert like me can help build, develop and maintian impactful an online retail experience.


To what most may consider a classic, many sites today utilize WordPress to manage their site for it’s easy-to-use platform that developers and non-developers alike can attest to. Whether you need to make, modify or themes or site content, WordPress can help you manage sites of various sizes.


So now you’ve got all the design stuff clucking up your computer and the only way to survive the tide is to stay super organized! With a host of tools to help you manage local files and design assets, you can use bridge to implement logical file naming conventions and storange structures for an efficient inventory of your digital assets.

Geospatial Mapping


This complex software takes loads of data, tables, and attributes, and helps you create incredibly accurate maps. With the added bonus of layering and special geo-spatial functions, conducting site research would be impossible without this necessity in your toolbox!


G Suite

Implementing and managing digital services like mail, calendars and file storage for a team can present a lot of loose ends to tie up. Whether it’s onboarding a new employee, setting up bookable resources, or securing the company from cyber threats, a properly managed G Suite account can resonate across all aspects of the business.




Parsons The New School for Design

BS Urban Design

In the progressive Urban Design degree at Parsons, I not only expanded my foundational skill sets, but dove into a new realm of an urban style of thinking. I learned to perceive, understand, and propose design interventions in real world examples. Utilizing Parson’s extensive partnerships, I was able to partner and work with institutions such as NYC’s DOT, DCP, and collaborative works with non-profit organizations and local design firms.
As an added area of interest, I received permission to take core classes with Communication Design majors. The special relationship I held between these two departments allowed me to create a hybrid major of my own: Designing Communications within the Context of the Urban Environment. Learning these additional principles of design not only increases the aesthetics of presenting information, but allows me to communicate complex ideas and theories, or in some cases the most ingenious, the invisible.

Orange Coast College

Associate of the Arts

Wide ranged course of study specializing in Architectural Concepts, Artistic Skill Sets, and the Photography of Architecture in preparation for a transfer to the four year Bachelor of Science degree in Urban Design at Parson the New School for Design in New York City.
At Orange Coast College, I gathered the necessary skill sets to provide a solid foundation for a wide range of professions and fields of study. Throughout my time at the university, I learned the basics of architecture, digital modeling, physical drafting, principles of 2 dimensional design, color theory, advanced statistics, physical geography, and the psychological effects of how each of these affects an individual or group. All of these skill sets have allowed me to be extraordinarily well rounded, knowledgable, and quite a resourceful thinker.


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